To all of our Shelby viewers and fans

What a week it was in NYC. We hope you are safe and well. For those affected by the hurricane, we send you our best wishes towards a speedy recovery.

This past week, Shelby viewers shared some incredible video of the storm, the aftermath, and the inspiring relief efforts. It’s pretty eye-opening to see.

So, we created a Hashtag Roll of video for #Sandy. It aggregates all the videos about Sandy that have been shared by viewers this past week. It also offers an easy way to help - we include a link to donate to Red Cross disaster relief right within Shelby.

We’re donating and we hope you do, too. 


Team Shelby

I spent a ton of time at Rockaway Beach this past summer. It’s awful to see how hard it was hit by the storm. They, and all the areas hit hard by Sandy, need every bit of support they can get. Please consider a donation.