Last night I went to a dinner hosted by one of our first angel investors (in HomeField). The table was filled with people in which he’d invested - all CEO’s.

Everyone at the table was at a different stage in their life cycle, both personally and professionally, but the great thing was everyone learned from each other in some way or another.

Whether it was a tip on how to scale yourself, how to approach recruiting or stories about the path to an IPO, the knowledge sharing was so valuable. Furthermore, there was tremendous value in speaking with peers, more specifically fellow CEO’s, who are riding the same roller-coaster.

The fact of the matter is, startups are really hard and mentally draining, but I know I’ve always felt better after dinners/conversations like this - sitting across the table from someone who is in my exact same position at another company… better yet, someone who’s already been through what I’m going through. 

So if you’re at a startup - doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or not - find that person in the same position as you at another company (hell, find a few of them) and make it a point to get together and share your war stories once in a while. I think you’ll find that you’re not alone and there are others who are willing to listen and help.