Your web video experience is exhausting. Clicking in and out of YouTube, across your social web, discovering great videos among disparate Tweets and scattered Facebook updates. It takes time and energy we believe we can make that easier for you.

We’re very excited to announce that as of today, your video experience is both simpler and smarter with the latest update to Shelby TV. 

Shelby TV now delivers you a single stream of video, tailored to your interests, influenced by your friends.

So, What’s Really New Here?

In addition to rolling out a new and improved landing page on Friday, we’ve made some more changes in this simpler, more streamlined Shelby, including:


Simplified Sharing

  • Sharing video has never been easier. Share a video in your stream with followers on Shelby or to your Facebook and Twitter friends with just one click. Just click the Share button and add a comment and you can easily share the video to multiple networks from one place.  We’ve also added a shortlink field in case you feel like sending a video to a friend in an IM or an email.


The Right Recommendations

  • Each video you watch, like, and share will sharpen our ability to deliver the videos that you want to see, when you want to see them. Your Shelby stream will get better every time you use it.

New “Community” Stream

  • Discover what Shelby’s community of awesome curators are sharing in one place. It’s constantly updated, so every time you sign into Shelby you’ll see the latest videos trending in our community.

New “Me” Section

  • See your your shares, likes and the list of people you follow in the redesigned “me” section. We’ve updated the section so you can quickly and easily find the content and friends you’re looking for.

And Yes, There’s More

The promise of Shelby has always been about delivering a simpler, better video experience. We’re doubling down on efforts to surface some of the great technology we’ve built to make your Shelby stream more intelligent. Stay tuned — and in the meantime, please do let us know what you think!

Happy Watching,


-in community-

Really excited about these updates. Thanks to all who have sent in feedback. You guys rock.