So last Tuesday we got to see the first episode of TechStars on Bloomberg TV. The reaction to the show has been really positive so far (thank you to everyone who tuned in!). I thought I’d just chime in with a few notes on the show itself…

  1. Tisch really does swear that much.
  2. He is also really that dedicated to helping TechStars teams. He was around all the time during the program. Though I only saw him in a button-down shirt 3 times, and all of them were on camera. Still, to quote my dad, “does that guy really wear a hoodie everyday?”
  3. My beard… the video you see of me with an epic beard is from our application video. Never thought that video would see the light of day, let alone be on TV. It was my ‘playoff beard’ - not to be shaved until we got into TechStars or raised our angel round. Thank goodness both happened in January, but now that it’s out… fuck it… you can see the whole thing here.
  4. No, Spinosa did not do the entire program in his Terminator voice.
  5. - yeah… that’s us. We applied to TechStars as HomeField, though in the process of applying, we’d been synthesizing a more broad idea around video. Kudos to the Davids for accepting us as a team first and letting us figure out our ideas.
  6. Thank you to Roger Ehrenberg. Such kind words. Will be interesting to see more of the mentor feedback after the fact… can’t wait to hear Suster.
  7. There were 11 teams in our TechStars class. Unfortunately, only 6 of us are being featured in the show. Why? Totally a TV choice and nothing to do with the people or the success of the companies in the program. ThinkNear, Crowdtwist, Red Rover, Foursquare And Seven Years Ago (formerly Friendslist), ShuttleCloud (formerly MigrationBox) are all awesome companies with great people who are doing really well and we learned a lot from all of them.
  8. 5 Hour Energy - are you listening? I’m not kidding, I still want a sponsorship. I’m running the NYC Marathon in a couple months… feel free to send me a jersey and I’ll rep it. Hell… I’ll wear it to meetings.
  9. Thank you to Tisch for defending our personality to Cohen… I know you didn’t mean anything by it Cohen. ;)
  10. The hilarity of Bloomberg choosing to subtitle Alessio… He is hands-down one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, speaks great English and there he is with subtitles… so ridiculous.
  11. Hoping for lots of Raoul (though don’t be fooled by his stylish tie. he only wore it once - nice try, Raoul.)
  12. Hoping for more Tobal, too.
  13. Preseason Rankings… haha, there were no “rankings” in TechStars until we started doing pitch practice and were ranked on our presentations leading up to demo day.
  14. A note on the element of “drama.” Every startup has drama - it’s just a fact. Throw a startup in an accelerator and there’s even greater intensity. Pretty obvious for the TV show to pick that up and run with it, but we couldn’t really expect them to show hours of engineers coding product the whole time.
  15. Jeff Bussgang - an amazing entrepreneur and investor - wrote a post about the “tone” of the show, critiquing it for catering to an edgier, stylized audience… and he’s not wrong. The first episode does move really fast as there is a TON of information to get across - intro TechStars, the Davids, the teams, etc. - but I think we’ll see more meat in the next episodes.

Overall, I think she show is solid and as I’ve said before, if it exposes new people to startups, teaches current startups to avoid our mistakes or inspires someone to go do it themselves, the show is a win.

Next episode is tonight at 9pm on Bloomberg and online (I think) and available online the next day here.