…so this happened. ;)

for anyone who saw me being stalked by a camera-crew between January and April, now you know why…

i’ve got to admit, i’m still not ready for the fact that we’re going to be on TV, but i am excited to see the show. from the little i’ve seen of it, Bloomberg did a good job covering our actual experience during TechStars. hell, they probably caught a lot of stuff my sleep-deprived brain missed!

and FWIW, i know that David and David always put TechStars’ priorities well before the show. 

point is - if you’re at all interested in TechStars, entrepreneurship or startups in general, you’ll probably enjoy watching the show… even if half the time you’re thinking “these guys aren’t so smart.” ;)

i’ll probably be agreeing with you, but hindsight is 20/20.

season starts September 13th!