just another example of why it’s fun working with Dan…


Dear <you>,

Between canadian pharmacies and facebook, you receive so much SPAM everyday I figured another piece from your old pal Spinosa wouldn’t clog the inbox…

In 2008 I started bootstrapping HomeField, then raised an angel round in 2010.  We got into TechStars NYC inaugural class this past winter, started Shelby.tv during that program, then raised a $1.5MM seed round for Shelby earlier this summer.

I’m writing because I thought you would enjoy seeing a) the process of starting a company through the lens of Reality TV and/or b) me probably make an ass of myself on national TV as you suspected I eventually would.  The show premiers September 13th at 9pm EST on Bloomberg TV (bloomberg flavored reality tv trailer? right here!).

So that’s why I’ve been too busy to write ;-]


p.s. I do hope you’re doing well.  The BCC list is only ~20, if that makes you feel any better.
p.p.s. Yes, I was so proud of my lame mass email that I turned it into a blog post.  The Internet said it would be cool.

shelby.tv is hiring to put a dent in the universe
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