I recently had a chance to meet Nate Westheimer. Nate’s a busy guy, so I consider myself lucky (the meeting was arranged for me).

But there are tons of other awesome people out there - particularly in the NYC startup community - and it’s not always easy to schedule good 1 on 1 time.

Well Nate has now fixed that with Ohours.

It’s a simple app for scheduling a block of time when you’ll be available for anyone to get a piece or your mind, and if you’re quick enough, you can get a few minutes with some other stellar people like lean startup ace Vin Vacanti, UX expert Whitney Hess, or for those of you in the Bay Area, the fittest VC I know - Bryce Roberts.

I love meeting new people and tossing around ideas and advice, so I’m starting my own Ohours block. If you want to come talk startups, bootstrapping, or any other passion of yours that I can help with - just click through and schedule it.

p.s. - Nate taught himself how to code to build Ohours. Pretty badass. Thanks Nate!