I remember having dinner with my family some time after we raised our first round for Shelby.TV.*

My mom just looked at me at one point and said, “Where’d you learn how to do all of this? I don’t remember you studying this in school.” **

And she’s right, I didn’t. 

“I taught myself and learned from people in the industry,” I told her at the time.

Yup. I read blogs.

From guys like Fred and Brad and Mark and Paul and Ben and Dixon, to any of the other awesome founders, creators, and investors who blog about their best practices, there is a litany of posts scattered across the web.

Launching a startup was a painstaking process of research, trial, error, more research, meeting veterans, finding mentors, more iteration, and more trials … but I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the knowledge I’d picked up from these guys. 

And the truth is, if you ask any first-time founder they’ll admit they had no idea what they were doing when they started their company. Such is the life of a startup founder. You have to just dive in and learn as you go. 

Startup Management

This morning I was excited to discover that budding startup founders now have a great resource to turn to, one which is aggregating all of this awesome knowledge into one place. 

StartupManagement.org is a site curated by my friend William Mougayar, a serial founder himself and fellow member of the AVC community (another place where I have learned a TON over the years). 

He just launched his MVP*** today and I suspect it will grow into a great resource and community for founders and startup enthusiasts alike.  

Startup Management is also curating an awesome video channel using Shelby.TV. It’s filled with great founder talks and interviews with the likes of Jack Dorsey and Mark Pincus. 

So for those of you who need inspiration beyond the written word, check out Startup Management on Shelby and feel free to follow to get all of that content in your Shelby.TV stream.  

Congrats to William and the Startup Management team! 


*Technically this is the third round of funding I’d raised across two startups, but it was by far the most significant at $1.5M.

**I studied studio art, sociology, and graduated with a degree in Art Semiotics. Interesting? Yup. Tactically applicable? Nope.

*** If you don’t know what I mean by MVP, then StartupManagement.org is definitely for you.