It is freaking cold outside today. When I woke up, it was 14 degrees, “feels like” 1 degree with the wind chill and really isn’t the way one wants to start their commute.

Yet… I still rode my bike to the office.

For the record, I live a few blocks from a subway line that would drop me off right at our office. Sure, I’m not a fan of the subway during rush hour, but that’s not the only reason I still bike or walk everyday, despite the cold.

The real reason is that I love the challenge. I love that little bit of character it builds. I love that slice of mental toughness that says “I can handle the elements.

Our ancestors were badass (and/or crazy), crossing oceans to discover new lands without Patagonia, The North Face and LL Bean (let alone GPS, radios or even a freaking map in most cases).

While I know it’s a ridiculous comparison, I still think of that whenever I step into the elements. How I’m lucky to live in a world where facing the elements isn’t a matter of life or death

So I’m ok with the cold. I don’t mind the rain. Bring on the wind. Sure it’s frustrating as hell when you’re standing in the rain waiting for the bus, or when you’re chipping the ice off your windshield in the morning, but that’s what makes us hearty (at least those of us in the Northeast or other such regions). It’s what builds character. It’s that little bit of mental toughness that lets you know - “yeah, I can handle the cold.”

And if you can survive that, you’re in a better place to handle anything else life throws at you. Don’t let the cold stop you. Don’t let the snow keep you from living your life. You’re tougher than you think, I swear.