About 18 months ago, I got an email from Daniel Lieberman asking if I could spare some time to connect and talk through a business idea he’d been working on for a while.

I had some travel coming up, and we got on the phone while I was in the car. An hour or two later, we’d rapped about his idea, the execution, and ultimately, how to get started. I gave a bunch of input (Some helpful - I think. Some probably not so helpful. It’s just data.), said keep me posted, and let me know if I can help.

Well, Daniel did keep me posted once in a while, he did reach out with specific questions when he had them, and within a year he’d left his fulltime job and launched Cory Vines, an active apparel brand of stellar quality and design. 

Despite staying in contact all this time, only recently did I meet Daniel in person, and even more exciting, I got my hands on a CV shirt. Super comfy and great for an active lifestyle. 

I dig their approach, and it’s fun to help and learn about a business completely different than Shelby.TV. They’re doing some fun stuff with social media (such as featuring knuckleheads like me in their “Neighborhood”), so check it out if you’re interested. 



Name: Reece Pacheco (@reece)
Co-Founder/CEO Shelby.tv
Active Anthems:

  • Lifting/Crossfit: NIN, Tool, Rage, Gojira, Tupac
  • Running: Saves the Day, Minus the Bear and more fun stuff
  • Cycling: Deadmau5, Bloody Beetroots, Daftpunk for keeping cadence