“curiosity is man’s grandest learned skill.”


it’s week two point zero, and that’s about how long reece has been fooling around on the backboard with my tennis rackets. today was the big debut on a real court, and not to my surprise, he was good. what was actually surprising was his ostensible ability to improve in one hour - transforming into quite a great little rallier! a natural athlete yes, but the ability to learn and emulate in the little time we were on the court is a very different skill. it’s precisely how to to approach a new project or idea, is it not? you take the assets that you have accumulated over the years, and combine it with your desire to learn the trick of the trade. people learn as quickly as they force themselves to. some people realize that they will not be directly taught everything there is to know in life. so, from a very young age they actively seek to educate themselves through experience - delving into conversations and seizing opportunities to try new things. their curiosity about life ultimately cultivates a particular mind frame which is more susceptible to thinking critically about how things are done, and why certain things are successful or unsuccessful. one’s instinct to be curious, curious to learn and know, leads to a cognitive pattern that indirectly acquires scattered information and translates that information into useful tools, eventually becoming quicker at doing so. on the other hand, some people do not recognize life is a mosh pit of free flowing lessons. these unfortunate ones shut their mind down, preventing themselves from turning quotidian experiences into educational ones. they are typically stubborn, and the stubborn cannot be taught nor do they learn as easily; and therefore, they lose out on the lessons that the curious ones are able to scrap up from their participatory and active involvement in their surroundings.  curiosity is man’s grandest learned skill.