Yesterday, I tweeted this:rt

Apparently, a few people patriotically agreed with me.  (Thanks for the retweets!).

It’s a simple analogy and it’s probably been made before, but as I went for a run yesterday I was thinking about the decisions and actions made by our founding fathers to start this country, and I quickly began imagining the excitement and uncertainty they must have felt at that time.

Nowadays, starting a company is every bit as exciting, but thanks to widespread media and connectivity - the story’s been heard before. There’s no perfect roadmap, but there’s a rough framework: start with an idea, work hard, and go from there. You can even Google it.

But these dudes were starting a whole new country! Think about the leap of faith they had to make to go from everything they’d known to “we’re doing this our way from now on." They certainly couldn't Google "how to start a country”. BADASS.

Let’s face it, America is a business. There are all sorts of cool analogies we can draw from its history… in the Civil War the founders almost broke up the band, in the Cold War we got in a feature race to take over the market… but I’ll leave it here for now and just remember that those original starters - the founding fathers - laid down a great framework for free enterprise that lets me and my cofounders work on HomeField today.

Thanks for that, guys. Happy America Day.