The super for my apartment building just left.  He was here because our kitchen faucet is broken.  I called the building management a week ago about this.  I said we need the plumber to come fix the water hammer.  I know what the problem is, because the plumber is the one who broke it in the first place, 5 months ago.

He said, in his Eastern European accent, “I fix leak.  Now faucet is making noise because broken water-hammer.  I fix later.”

I have faith that the building management company knows what they’re doing.

They decided to send the super.  I had a hope that he could fix it.  Apparently, my hopes are retarded.

So, after a 1 minute demonstration of my broken water-hammer, the super called the plumber and left a voicemail for him to call me.  And I shall wait…

Someone, please let me off this time-wasting roller-coaster.

Afterthought: Yes, I take blame myself for not hiring a plumber directly and billing the management company.  Grumble, grumble, grumble…