There needs to be a clear social contract when you take a job at a startup. Founders need to be upfront about the bad. You will work longer hours. It will be emotional. You may not get vacations, and even if you do, you may feel pressured not to take them. Your job description is fluid; ditto, org charts. You may not grow along with the company. The goal posts — whether you are in sales or product — are really a suggestion more than a rule. They are subject to change. The company may change what it does over the time you are there…

In exchange for all of that, you get to help build something. You will likely have more fun than working at other companies. You have the chance to get rich– no matter how slim that chance is. And you have the opportunity to have more responsibility and professional growth than you might on a typical career tract.

Stop pretending it’s all a party: The social contract of working at a startup | PandoDaily

Total truth in an excellent post from Sarah Lacy riffing about the recent ‘What it’s like to work at Fab’ article, but more importantly, what it’s actually like working at a startup.

If you’re “interested” or “thinking about” starting/joining a startup, read this.

Most people just don’t have what it takes.

Do you?