To be clear, I’m not griping about the fact that Tiger is one of the biggest let-downs in history.  Furthermore, I’m not denying that Tiger is really, really ridiculously good at golf.

But it’s f*ing golf!  It’s not a sport!  Golfers aren’t athletes!

I mean really - at one point this guy was considered the best in the game:

John Daly

And who did Tiger beat for this decade?

Lance Armstrong - 6x Tour de France winner

Roger Federer - 15 major tennis titles, the most Grand Slam singles titles than any other man.

Michael Phelps - even if he’s a pot-head, he still won 14 Olympic gold medals!

Sure - golf is hard.  It takes skill and mental focus - but if a 16 year old girl can hit the ball 280 yards -  the mathematics of athleticism just aren’t adding up for me.

It’s sad that the members of the AP have spent the last month ripping Tiger apart, just to hand him this award like a band-aid while REAL athletes aren’t recognized.  Thing is, real athletes don’t need stupid press awards to validate just how badass they really are.

To athletes everywhere - keep hustling.

* - For more laughs, the guys at the Daily Tailgate summed it up very nicely here as well.