Matt Galligan isn’t a serial entrepreneur… yet.

I met Matt a few months back, but I recently got to hang a bit more in person and hear him give a talk on his experience with SocialThing, TechStars, and now, SimpleGeo. I won’t recount his whole story, but there are a few points I had to share from his path to being a serial entrepreneur… 

On competition: SocialThing had less money, experience, etc than FriendFeed when they entered the game, so their initial reaction was “Holy shit, everything is over,” but that quickly turned to “a space without competition isn’t a space… it’s just you.” Competition validates your market, so don’t freak out… be aware of what they’re up to, but stay focused on your product.

On focus: “It’s easy to think broadly… it’s hard to focus.” In the early days, SocialThing tried to be everything to everyone… but they learned to focus and ended up with a great product and exit.

On work habits: “Asynchronous communication is awesome.” Don’t interrupt your partners with a tap on the shoulder when an email will suffice. If you really must, use IM. It’s ridiculous to IM the person next to you, but it’s far worse to break their concentration because your question can’t wait.

On managing: “You also have to learn to delegate.” So important… you, as a person, just don’t naturally scale. This is one I personally struggled with early on, but as I’ve learned to delegate, I am able to free myself up to do the work on which I need to focus.

Simple tips, but great reminders. Thanks for stopping by, Matt.