I’ve been on Tumblr for a long time. I like it here. It’s not too noisy. It’s my own personal little space where I follow a few interesting people and create my own special spot on the web (this blog).**

I even remember a little Tumblr party 2-3 years ago at a small bar in the West Village that was part of some internet/social media week. I got to meet some of the people I follow on Tumblr in person, and it all felt so personal. I loved it. 

Fast forward to today, and I get this email from Tumblr.


Despite the fact that I am an actively engaged user, not to mention creator on the platform, Tumblr opted to send me an email to go follow more people (seen below).


Listen Tumblr, I get it. You want people to follow more blogs. You want users to engage with more of the brands you’re featuring in Spotlight. I know I can follow more stuff. I don’t want to. Just let me… 


Wait what?! More? I have to follow more stuff? God. I know how to use you Tumblr, just let me get back in to my Dashboa…


Hovering tool tips!? Don’t you know that I posted twice already this week. I know how to create a post! Just get out of the way and let me enjoy this insanely creepy photo Jared shared.

And this is just one instance of my Tumblr frustration (Tumbstration?). The new creation tools suck. Opening a saved draft always requires a refresh to see what’s (hopefully) still there. There’s a pagination bug that doesn’t let me scroll through my dashboard easily. Videos are finally bigger, but the “TV like fuzz” makes me nauseous. It’s a video. I get it. There’s a giant play icon. Chill out.

Thing is, I wouldn’t be so frustrated with you, Tumblr, if I didn’t love the platform so much. If you were just some other social network, I’d say “Do whatever you want. I don’t care. Your only value is your scale.”

But that’s not you, so don’t treat me like some number. You know I’m active. You know I’m a creator more than a reblogger. Treat me that way and show me some added benefit, rather than just trying to get more mindless engagement out of me.

**Chances are pretty good you’re reading this in your Tumblr dashboard, rather than at reecepacheco.com. That’s because Tumblr is doing everything it can to keep traffic and engagement in the dashboard. Business value? Yes. User value? Thhhhpppp.