I realized I neglected to post last weekend’s highlights. Here they are:

Friday night: A sunset walk, a nice birthday dinner for @daisyames in North Beach, San Francisco and a great stay at the Olympic Club.

Saturday morning: Beating the Olympic Club with just a skeleton crew from the NYAC.

Meeting John Gagliardi, founder of Maverick Lacrosse, and talking about the industry.

Driving through the night, all the way to LA, and catching up with friends from study abroad Australia at Canter’s Deli.

Mowing a Canter’s grilled cheese at 1AM.

Sunday morning, driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to hang by the beach and talk about life, change, and progress with an old friend in Malibu, before jumping in the ocean for a bit.

A new found appreciation for late night dinner options in NYC - precipitated by a long, hungry walk around Berkeley.

Spending Columbus Day working on Berkeley campus, checking out their entrepreneurship program at Haas B-school and scouting their lacrosse team.

And this weekend…

Another birthday celebration for @daisyames, this time with a few friends at b-bar.

Sleeping in and getting some work done on a rainy Saturday.

NYAC lacrosse - beating Team England AND Team Ireland in back to back games on a coldddd and rainy day.

One last birthday dinner for @daisyames, this time with the family at Barolo in SoHo.