Thanks to everyone for all the support today. Means a lot to have users who care and understand the challenges we face in changing the way the world discovers and consumes video. We’re as excited as ever. Onward and upward. 

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by Reece

Over the weekend, we’ll be shutting down Shelby to make room for an entirely new version that improves upon our vision of being your home for video. 


While Shelby seems like a very simple product, there’s actually a ton of back-end processing that we must monitor and maintain. So it would be unfair to you, our users, if Shelby suffered as a result of our focus on the new product.

And we are super excited about what we’re building. To be clear, this isn’t just an update. This is an entirely new build, freshly coded from the ground up.

So what’s the big deal about this new version?

We started Shelby with a big first goal — to make sense of the fragmented web video space. We knew it wouldn’t happen overnight and looking back, a lot has happened since our first launch last year. 

We’ve tripled the size of our team, processed millions of videos, broken databases, created our own link shortener, and built a powerful data graph. All of this work enables us to start delivering on our promise to be your home for video and we’re hoping to address the concerns you’ve had. We’ve listened intently to your feedback, and without giving anything away, here are a few things to look forward to:

  • Speed. Shelby’s faster every step of the way.
  • Discovery. Better processing power means more videos.
  • Community. More ways to connect, share, and curate.

How will I know when the new Shelby is ready?

Leave your email address at and and use the priority code WANT to be notified as soon as Shelby’s ready.

What will happen in the meantime?

Shelby will go dark over the weekend. The Chrome Extension, iOS apps, bookmarklet, and weekly emails will also be shut off soon. (If it’s important to you that we migrate your Likes and Watch Later videos to new Shelby, please write to

We really appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us @Shelby or on email.