i may not be able to pronounce the name - Fav-ray, Favrr-e, Faar-ve - but it’s hard to deny Brett’s ability, and more importantly, his passion.


tonight the minnesota vikings play the green bay packers. brett favre is teaming up against the team he previously spent 15 years of his life as the star quarterback. this is the same team that helped him become the nation’s poster boy for american football. he holds the most records in nfl history in addition to three consecutive mvp’s and a super bowl. sharing so many experiences with the packers, one can only imagine the loyalty and respect green bay had for him, as he did for them. however, in 2007, they essentially paid him to retire. he was proposed with a $20+ million to leave the packers and decline further opportunities to join certain franchises - with whom they will compete against. my thought: “what? that’s a crazy request. if you doubt his ability to perform, then why try to prevent him from performing against you?”

$20+ million is tempting, but a man with such dignity and passion for the sport continued to pursue his dream. he signed with the jets in 2008, and then the vikings this year. ultimately, he knew he was still good. he knew he was worthy. his loyalty to the packers has dwindled away leaving behind only a blackened cloud of revenge. when does one’s deep found love for something turn bitter… bitter enough to be a motivator to succeed in itself? when does loyalty turn to revenge?

it’s halftime now. brett favre, pushing 40 on october 10th has thrown two touchdowns, giving the vikings a solid 21-14 lead. his story is a testament to believing in yourself rather than succumbing to the norms and doubts of others… even if they pay you very large chunks of money.