When we talk about game-film, we’re talking about raw footage.  Some people ask, ”Is the quality any good?”  They’ve seen enough of YouTube to know that most user-generated content (UGC) isn’t suitable for TV or greater broadcasts.

That being said, sports are entirely different for a couple reasons…

  1. Game film at most levels of play, is often the only copy that exists.
  2. That single copy is IMMENSELY IMPORTANT to those in the film and those who love them.(I’m a former college athlete… I know.)

Today I saw a PERFECT EXAMPLE shared by our buddies at LacrosseAllstars.com:  ”Kownacki Leaps over the Catcher”

The video, by ESPN standards, is terrible.  It’s filmed behind a screen at home plate, the camera circles around as the baserunners come home, and instant replay? HA!

But guess what… I’ve watched it 5 times now and I neither know Brian Kownacki, nor do I care about Fordham sports, nor college baseball in general.

Now imagine what this video is doing for Brian, his family, friends and the Fordham baseball team (and athletic department as a whole).  This is really powerful content and it’s already spinning around the web.

This is why getting game film in the cloud is important and this is why HomeField is an important solution for coaches, athletes and fans everywhere.  So you tell me: “Is the quality any good?”  Sound off in the comments…

Oh yeah… and Brian Kownacki?  YOU’RE THE MAN.  Top 10 play in my book…

[Originally posted at the HomeField blog]