Who won? Won won?! ;)

Episode 5 was actually kind of a let-down. Demo Day was so intense and we worked so hard leading up to it, it was a bummer to see such condensed footage and not enough coverage of how supportive all the teams were of each other. I loved how we were hootin’ and hollering for one another. Such a great group of people… Anywho, here goes… 

  1. Was that me breakdancing before a pitch?
  2. Ask Lee about how we all broke him of his habit of slapping his thighs…
  3. @InternZero gets some love from the camera!!
  4. Love Brad Feld just calling it like it is… 
  5. Yes… Joe and I were dancing. Just staying loose baby. Yes I really did pushups when I woke up. I was wound up as hell.
  6. Eli - “I eat pressure for breakfast.” I FUCKING LOVE IT. ELI IS THE MAN.
  7. So awesome to see Crowdtwist get some love from the camera, but for the record they didn’t “show up out of nowhere.” They were there the whole time and they dominated. Another win for the Brown/TechStars mafia, too. [But what’s with the weird shots of Caren and me waiting in the wings as Irving pitched? I was up in the rafters watching… This whole episode was way out of order in terms of demo day pitches.]
  8. Red Rover is also freaking awesome. Kevin’s great - best pitch man ever. And yeah… they’ve got legit revenues. Awesome to see them on camera.
  9. Yup… I had a diva moment and told the cameras to go away. There was so much going on with demo day, I just wanted to be alone for a bit to mentally prep.
  10. Caren was actually the leadoff for demo day. She did awesome and it really set the tone for the whole day. Thanks Caren! Look at our epic hug!
  11. For the record, I actually pitched next to last. See that freshly shaved face? I think that was the last day I used a real razor… #notkidding
  12. The team really did support me a ton on demo day. They were so supportive in getting me in the right frame of mind.
  13. Yet another sports analogy, but a good one. See… I always loved to play sports, but really, I like any experience when I’m completely immersed in what I’m doing… in flow, if you will. So that really was what sports were like for me in college… I never really remembered the details of the game or all the stats and whatnot, I just liked the all-consuming feeling of throwing myself at something. That was demo-day and that’s entrepreneurship.
  14. I hate that the narrator says Shelby’s a much bigger vision than HomeField. HomeField is a HUGE vision, it was questionably a small market (and not necessarily given the chance to prove itself). 
  15. “Astonishing.” Thanks Tisch. He really was doubting us for a while and when we finally got the product out the door, he was impressed and he let us know. Appreciate him being hard on us when we needed it and supporting us once we got on the right track.
  16. “These are people I want to bet on.” - from Brad Feld! Biggest compliment ever? Thanks Brad.
  17. “Practicing 1000 times…” you bet your ass I did. The clip of practice they show has to be from at least a few days prior to demo day. But we really did work our asses off. By demo day, Joe knew every fucking click in our presentation deck without looking at any notes - just by my speech. We’d ride the subway home and I’d just say the pitch out loud while Joe said “click… click.”
  18. Btw… the part that I screwed up here just kept getting me. It was my Achilles Heel and I was so relieved to get through it on Demo Day… of course, Dan later told me that as I approached that line he was warning Nevin “this is where Reece better not f*** up!”
  19. Another F - bomb. More money to Charity : Water. 
  20. Note: Yes, my t-shirt is kinda tight. We ordered the wrong sizes and Henry was left with a medium that looked ridiculous on him, so I swapped and it looked only slightly less ridiculous on me. You’re welcome, Henry.
  21. How could they not show even a little of Fred Wilson intro’ing us?!
  22. 8 minute pitch condensed into 20 seconds… haha. So incoherent… 
  23. Playoffs! Sports analogy!
  24. Awesome how Immersive stuck it out for Demo Day. They’ve had it tough, but they’re all good guys at heart.
  25. I used to play against/with one of the greatest lacrosse players ever. He allegedly never trained and was just really gifted, but the truth was he trained off campus, by himself and apparently worked harder than everyone. I feel like that’s Jason Baptiste. He seemed like a slacker before demo day, but I bet he had his pitch down well before, behind closed doors. 
  26. Veri - love them. Lee nailed it. 
  27. Post-pitch… that was nuts. So many people and it was crazy talking to that many investors that quickly. It is impossible to replicate that kind of heat as an entrepreneur. When I raised money for HomeField, it took me over a year. Shelby - less than two months from demo day to close. Insane. Thank you TechStars.
  28. Micah - great comment re: personalized channels and the future of TV. Smart dude.
  29. Katie Rae’s comment about our team sticking together… means so much to me. Katie’s great. So is our team.
  30. I really was so sweaty.
  31. No joke - we had an email from an investor as soon as we walked off stage that said “I’m in.” It was amazing. 
  32. I can only imagine what Tobal was thinking while speaking with investors… but you did do your mom proud, Tobal. I promise.
  33. Stylman! Dude’s awesome… 
  34. Cohen “this was the easy part.” It wasn’t easy, but it certainly was structured and is only just a step on the path to building a real company.

So that’s it! The last recorded episode before tonight’s live show. I honestly have no idea what to expect tonight, other than it’s live TV, I’ll probably be sweating and will be thinking “don’t swear on live TV, don’t swear on live TV, don’t swear…”

I’m at Demo Day now for the new class of NYC TechStars, but I’ll see y’all live tonight at 9.