I highly recommend hooking up an Apple TV and kicking back on a Sunday morning with your Shelby ‘watch later’ queue (courtesy of our Video Radar extension). Best way to make a lean-forward web experience as lean-back as it gets… 

p.s. - If you haven’t noticed, it’s “Feature Week” here at Shelby.tv and we’ve been dropping new features like, woah. They work great on their own and they fit together nicely. Check out Shelby.tv/blog if you missed the others so far… 


Do you want to win an Apple TV? Of course you do! It’s an Apple TV!

We’ve finally released TouchPlay, a first-of-its-kind gesture remote that takes AirPlay mirroring to a whole new level. We all agree with our brilliant iOS developer Mark, ”it seems like this is the way the world should work. I never want to hook up my laptop to my TV via an HDMI cable again.” TouchPlay means no more clicking around on a computer, just relaxing on your couch and watching video the way it was meant to be watched: on the big screen.

We think TouchPlay is one step towards the future of TV, and we want everyone to experience it in all its glory, which is why we’re giving away 5 Apple TVs.  What’s the catch? You have to prove you want it.

Write a blog post about why you’re excited about TouchPlay and what you think the future of TV/video will look like. Drop the link in our ask box. Authors of the 5 best posts will win!

Happy blogging. xx