As of January, my team was just 4 people…

At some point in March, we had about 12 hustlers working on Shelby!

Sure, not everyone was full-time (Some were friends helping out. Some were interns. Some where hackstars via TechStars), but that’s a ton of people at this stage in a company’s life and it caused our friend Brian to dub us “Wu Tang Shelby.” [If you don’t know the Wu Tang Clan, read this and remember that C.R.E.A.M. and always Protect ya Neck.]

While I’d love to keep everyone on the Shelby team full-time, startup economics demand a lean team and we’ve since tapered back down to ~6 people. So that begs the question - where is everyone now?

CARLY STRIFE  :::  An engineer in school, and a consultant for Deloitte by day, Carly had been sniffing around startups for a while, but it was the one night when she bought us beers and called us ****ies, that convinced us to bring her on board. Turns out we’re not the only guys in town who appreciate that kind of attitude, and I was psyched when an intro to my friends at UBER turned into a full-time gig for her. [Another one ditches the suit!] 

[Update 11/11: Carly left Uber and has started an awesome company called Barkbox!]

BOB GREENLEES  :::  When I first talked to Bob about helping us out, he told me he’d skip a trip to CA to take the CA Bar exam just to start working on Shelby - that’s how excited he was about startups. During TechStars, Bob was a fixture in the office - staying late, helping everyone… with everything. No joke… And that’s why our desk neighbors MIGRATION BOX were happy to give him a full-time role. Awesome match.

EMILY CHESLER  :::  Ches-nuts, Ches-burger, Ches-diana Jones… the ridiculous names Joe came up with for Emily were endless, but she put up with us enough so she could get more experience with startups. Despite a late spring semester “I don’t have a job and I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with my life?” conversation, I’m happy to report that Emily’s about to start at CONDUCTOR. [Emily - I told you not to worry!]

BRYAN BESHORE  :::  Dominant on the ping-pong table and often referred to as “the most interesting man in the world,” Beshore’s a Swiss Army knife in human form. Despite his recent mayorship of a lux hotel in Paris, Beshore has since been seen around TechStars HQ quite a bit and is rumored to be working on his own stealth project that will fill your belly and melt your face off. [Editor’s pitch, not his].

[Update 6/12: Beshore continued working on his idea, called Keychain, and is currently a part of the latest Y-Combinator class!]

TAL SAFRAN  :::  Tal dominated our front end for the Shelby alpha as a HackStar during TechStars, but since the last day when he packed up his yoga mat and giant bottle of balsamic vinegar from his desk a couple months ago, it’s been rumored that he’s being recruited by at least one badass startup in NYC. To be continued… 

REBECCA ZHOU  :::  Designer, HackStar, Entrepreneur… what doesn’t Rebecca do? Sleep, apparently. What is she doing now? Still smiling, that’s for sure. Rebecca has endless energy, always brightens up the room and did a fantastic job designing Shelby’s interface. I’m sure there are plenty of teams who want her full-time, but she’s decided to start her own company, called MY ONE THING… while also planning what is going to be an EPIC fashion show/fundraiser starring NYC tech’s finest. The event’s called CACHE - look out for it in September.

I’m so happy for everyone as they go off and start new exciting projects and I’m looking forward to the day we can all work together again soon. It’s a small community and we’re all just getting started. Onward and upward mofos, and remember to bring da mutha****** ruckus!