Yesterday my friend Nick sent me an email that wasn’t great in terms of structure. 

I replied with some strong feedback and a qualifier that I’m just trying to help. To which Nick responded, “Mate - I love it! I actively seek dislodgers in my life.” And that link is to a blog post he wrote about having people in your life who call you out and push you to be better.

Between that, and this TED talk he gives here, Nick is a great demonstration of continual self-improvement, something I strongly value and try to surround myself with, in friends like Joe, Dan, RebeccaMyles, Henry, ChrisAmber, Steve… the list goes on and on… and it looks like I’m already following Nick’s tip #9. ;)

It’s worth watching, especially if you aren’t already ‘flossing the teeth you want to keep.’ [Just watch the video…]