You guys are rewriting the book on teambuilding – from transporting a 25ft. wide piece of turf up 10 flights of stairs to chaperoning goats around Austin to hiking and whiskey tasting – you’ve pretty much got it nailed.

A friend of mine wrote this to me in an email recently. I take it as a huge compliment, because she works at a company with a great team culture.

But what’s funny about the stuff she lists above, is that none of the activities mentioned were purposefully meant to be “teambuilding” exercises. As I said in my post about our recent day-off

No trust falls. No drum circles. No purposeful ‘team building’ exercises… We were just together… enjoying our own company…

You can do those teambuilding things, but you can’t force a team to gel. A team gels when they’ve got common values and share common culture. That starts with the hiring process and I’m super proud of the feedback we get from everyone in our reviews about how much they appreciate our team (which has grown from 4 to 11 full-time in under a year).

The sentiment was summed up best by our teammate Josh, who on our day out said, “This is great… but we’d have fun doing anything.”

I’ll close this up Andy Swan style:  Find awesome people. Do awesome stuff together. Win.